How to Start a Fraternity

The Organizational Conference


A Fraternity Conference is a four day ‘retreat’ designed to give information and experience of the Fraternity and the lifestyle it entails. It begins on a Monday with lunch and ends Thursday the same way. During the retreat, sessions of reconciliation, healing and empowerment are incorporated.

The emphasis is on personalizing, through experience, the presented material.


1. A group of priests in a diocese or area who are interested in learning more about the Fraternity of Priests.
2. All expenses and travel paid for the retreat master.
3. An overnight facility for all participants.

Interested priests (including religious) should meet together and pray for the Lord’s direction.

Organizational Procedures

1. Select a priest in your diocese who would be the most capable of organizing a Fraternity Conference.


  • Can organize and make arrangements
  • Is respected by Bishop and fellow priests
  • Is prayerful
  • Is solid and dependable
  • Has a heart for God and His people
  • Has a heart for pastoral work

2. The priest who is organizing the conference calls a meeting with others interested in attending a Fraternity Conference.  Before the meeting he should contact the Fraternity of Priests for a brochure about the Fraternity.  This information is also available on-line at About the Fraternity.

3. At the meeting make a list of possible candidates in your diocese or area. Divide this list among those present and approach these men on a one-to-one basis, giving them a copy of the Fraternity brochure.

4. Invite your contacts to a meeting at which you could share about the Fraternity, ask for a commitment to a four day Fraternity Conference and consider 3 or 4 possible dates for a Conference.

5. Notify your Bishop and receive his permission to hold the Conference.

6. Contact the Fraternity of Priests by mail, phone or email. Send the following information:

  • Name, address, email and phone of the local coordinator
  • Names, addresses and phones of those priests who have committed to the Conference
  • Verbal assurance that the Bishop was notified and gave permission for the Conference
  • Total number of priests in the diocese
  • A list of possible dates
  • Name of the nearest airport
  • Suggested means of handling expenses

Contact us soon for any other needed information!